It all began one day while I was eating a Knish...

Brooklyn Rolls is a throwback to 1950's Brooklyn, NY - when a sandwich was a sandwich and you ate with your neighbors. Created by chef, Jack Ryan, inspired by 25 years in the restaurant business and many more eating in classic Brooklyn eateries. A fusion between NY deli and Italian sandwich/pastry shop, Brooklyn Rolls provides some of the best fare New York City has to offer.

Homemade sauces, cheeses and our fresh baked pastries and breads round out these authentic deli-style hard roll sandwiches. Think shaved Parmesan and blended Ricotta cheeses, fresh herbs, spices and Mozzarella cheese that will quite literally melt your face off. And the cold cuts? Fugghedabout it! You can buy them by the pound from our deli counter.

Choices of Chicken and Shrimp Parmesan or Pork and Beef Meatballs should get you started along with our Special Deli Signature Sandwiches. We also serve fresh Tomato Buffalo Mozzarella salads with our fresh herb infused balsamics and vinaigrettes. Looking for a smoked pastrami on rye? How about a classic Reuben? We got you covered. Fresh vanilla Egg Cream? Belly on up.

There’s always a Pepperoni, Pecorino or Soppressata on our deli counter for a tasting; sharing our specialty imported meats is what makes Brooklyn Roll.

Best of all, Brooklyn Rolls imports genuine NY bagels from Long Island, NYC once a month. This is key to the brand and is one of our largest draws. Bagels and Lox in Montana? Alabama? Yup. Round out your meal with some Italian Cookies or sugar-dusted Zeppole and that should just about do it. You’ve tasted NY authenticity and now have a connection to our beloved Brooklyn; we might even look the other way while your kid lifts a cold Italian soda from our coolers.


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